A 0.99% rate for a car loan never seen!

For the 94th edition of the ABC Motor Show, Good Finance Bank is strong! In the series I decrease the rate of my car loan before the show, after the announcement of ABC Good, Kitty Bank and AVVB, it is the turn of Good Finance Bank today. And this decrease is not least considering that […]

Analysis of the loan study and its alternatives

When we think of student loans, we often think immediately of the United States, given the high cost of studies there. Unfortunately, studying in Belgium is also far from free. Minerval, syllabi, transport, computer, etc. are just a few examples of fees you will have to pay. If you want to live in kot or […]

Withholding a student loan from a mortgage = breaking the rules

A student loan ensures a much lower maximum mortgage. Not every mortgage advisor treats this nicely. They simply break the rules to get customers. Much less mortgage due to study debt Last week I received a call from a colleague asking what I would do in his situation. This is because the following applies. His […]

Buying mortgage-free loans, how does it work?

When a household has subscribed to too many credits, it may be advantageous to move towards a credit buyback operation. In most cases, the lending institutions will require a guarantee to secure the transaction and limit the risks in the event of non-repayment. For homeowners, this guarantee often takes the form of a mortgage. But […]

Make a simulation of buying back consumer loans

The purchase of credit talks about it and offers are constantly increasing in the market. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice or simply to know if one is eligible for a grouping of consumer loans. However, this is a very effective operation for people whose financial situation is difficult due to underwriting too […]

How does a real estate loan buy?

Mortgage interest rates are still low and have been for several consecutive years already. It may be interesting for a borrower who has taken out a home loan to buy his home a few years ago, to renegotiate or buy it back. The two operations are indeed two different actions. In the first case, it […]

Immediate credits. How are the quick credits?

How are the quick credits? If you are one of the people who need to have credit instantly in your account one of the best ways to obtain it is through quick credits, which in many cases are a bit complicated to request, but for a couple of years now, banks have been a bit […]

Know how to finance a car

Are you thinking about getting a new sweet ride lately? You’re not alone. The car industry in Spain had its year of highest sales recorded during 2016, that year they sold 11% more in cars than during the year 2015.   Some of the reasons for the boom are fairly easy to identify, such as […]