A 0.99% rate for a car loan never seen!

For the 94th edition of the ABC Motor Show, Good Finance Bank is strong! In the series I decrease the rate of my car loan before the show, after the announcement of ABC Good, Kitty Bank and AVVB, it is the turn of Good Finance Bank today. And this decrease is not least considering that the rate offered by Good Finance Bank.

New and used car loans less than 2 years passes from 2.65% to 0.99%

car loan

And they had prepared their move at Good Finance Bank, with the organization of the competition to win seats for the auto / motorcycle show where it is question of guessing the rate that will apply as of January 11, 2016. Will they publish the number of people who had predicted the right rate of their car financing? We are curious on our side! In fact, the gap with the closest competitor presented on Lender is 0.91%, which is almost half that. Who could have predicted that? See by yourself the extent of the announcement via our comparative rates that we update as soon as a rate change is announced.

Wow, you can start dreaming a little more with Good Finance Bank!

Wow, you can start dreaming a little more with Good Finance Bank!

And not only for the purchase of a new car because the rate also applies to used cars under 2 years, new motorcycles, motorhomes or new caravans.

With regard to the question previously raised about whether it was in our interest to use savings or credit to buy a car … under current conditions, even if the return on savings is very low, we would look for credit in order to keep his money available for other priorities.

Return on savings


All you have to do is to make your choice for your new car and in order to be doubly a winner, make it one of the 2016 trade show conditions!