Analysis of the loan study and its alternatives

When we think of student loans, we often think immediately of the United States, given the high cost of studies there. Unfortunately, studying in Belgium is also far from free. Minerval, syllabi, transport, computer, etc. are just a few examples of fees you will have to pay. If you want to live in kot or study abroad, you may need a little financial help.

What are the different possibilities available to you?

student loan

Auto financing

Financing one’s own studies is obviously the most interesting solution, but unfortunately it is not always possible.


Under certain conditions, the regions can grant scholarships to young people to help them finance their studies. You can obtain more information on the grants awarded by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation here: They will be awarded based on your income or the income of your parents.

The loans

For lack of stock market or own funding, you still have the possibility to use a loan to finance your studies. You can apply to public bodies or to a financial institution. Higher schools or universities sometimes also offer interest-free loans for students.

Borrow money from a financial institution

Borrow money from a financial institution

Most financial institutions offer preferential loans to students, but this is not always the case. Offers can also vary greatly from one institution to another. Compare the various offers that are available before making your choice: by comparing and playing the competition, you can save a lot of money!

When you have made the decision to take out a loan, you must then consider the following question: Which form of credit is best suited to my profile? Student credits can indeed take two forms.

You can first opt ​​for an installment loan . In concrete terms, the bank will lend you a certain sum that you or your parents will have to repay monthly. The amount will be paid directly to your account, which will allow you to finance certain expenses, such as the minerval, books, etc. You know in advance the duration of the loan, the monthly payments and the interest rate, which will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Another possibility is the opening of credit (or the reserve of money). The financial institution will allow you to go in negative when you need it, up to the maximum limit of your money reserve. During your studies, you only have to pay interest, the amount borrowed must be repaid within 6 months after the end of your studies. You know in advance the limit of your money reserve, the interest rate and the maturity date of your credit. This form of credit is more flexible than the installment loan, but take into account that you will have to repay your credit within six months after the end of your studies, hence the importance of quickly finding work once you graduate.

Can you contract a loan yourself?

student loan

The credit will generally be given to your parents unless you already have monthly income. Most students have a repayment capacity that is far too low to be given this type of loan.

How to apply online?

student loan

  1. First do a simulation online
  2. Then submit your application online
  3. After the analysis of your application by the financial institution, you will receive an offer
  4. Return the signed contract by post, if you wish to benefit from the offer
  5. You can start using credit.